I’m always on the look out for nifty free or good value resources for intermediate birders to use to improve their bird identification skills, so in my column for the June issue of Bird Watching Magazine I’ve recruited a team of generous volunteers to test some resources for me. The sound identification function on Cornell […]


You don’t have to go far to find colour and interest in our city with new pavement plants coming into flower almost every day. From top left & clockwise, these are Black Medick, Shining Crane’s-bill, Common Field Speedwell and Rue-leaved Saxifrage. Urban botany is just fab and the smaller London plants rival our spectacular street […]

On my first, but definitely not last, visit to Hull to squeeze in some city birding, I had the pleasure of some company from my pal Paul Gamble, and the opportunity to meet up with inspirational birders/naturalists Dr Africa Gomez and Margaret Boyd. Culture, history and great birding spots within easy reach of the rail […]

Tackling the tricky subject of birders and bird photography was fascinating… and, similar to my personal experience, it was no surprise to discover the goodwill in the birdwatching community towards all the different ways folks choose to enjoy birds. I also had the pleasure of a city birdwatching trip with inspiring amateur photographer Rudy Chodankar […]

I’ve always been fascinated by how beginners learn about birds, or plants, or any other aspect of the natural world, and in this month’s column I had the opportunity to really explore this.

What I love most about writing this column, as well as the ever-present excuse to pop out birdwatching (“It’s work love!”) is the fascinating people I meet from the birdwatching community. And these particular folk had some amazing stories to tell, as well as some great photos…

As new year’s eve celebrations ramp up, I find myself questioning the wisdom of arranging to meet plant-loving folk the following morning, but by the time it is morning, it’s great to have something to hop out of bed for. This is the first year I’ve plant-hunted on NYD with others and I’m really looking […]

Always nice to squeeze in some birding when I’m visiting family in the West Country, & the Bristol birders were a very welcoming bunch.

A visit to my brother’s dairy farm inspired this feature in which I could showcase the amazing things bird-loving farmers do for our wildlife and share my concerns about the fate of agri-environment incentives.

Know that feeling when our summer visitors are long gone, winter visitors are arriving, and you just need to get away? So that was how I ended up in Southend-on-Sea, having a wader-tastic time and making new birding friends.