Horsey Island Reserve, article published today in Devon Life

I’m really pleased with the look of my article in Devon Life published today…   This was a difficult commission to meet because my plan to visit the reserve was scuppered by lock-down…  Luckily I managed to find some incredibly generous local resident experts, Martin Batt, Mary Breeds and Paul Madgett, who know the site very well, visit regularly and who shared their knowledge and photos with me.  It was also a pleasure working in collaboration with Devon Wildlife Trust.  It’s a really interesting reserve and I’m looking forward to visiting it in a few weeks time.   (All photos used are by Martin Batt)

Horsey Island Devon Life 2.7.20


  1. Really lovely article. A fascinating read.

  2. Such an interesting article with fabulous photos. Gorgeous.

  3. Melanie Griffin · · Reply

    Sounds like a fascinating place to visit – your article really brings it to life. Will look forward to visiting next time I’m in the area.

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