6th December 2020 – a really really big foxglove…

I’ve been distracting myself from short gloomy days with trees.

Today I go back to visit my favourite tree in Gipsy Hill, this Foxglove-tree, Paulownia tormentosa.

Why do I care about this tree?

Well, it’s next to an Indian Bean Tree, Catalpa bignonioides, and both the London Tree Map (https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/environment/parks-green-spaces-and-biodiversity/trees-and-woodlands/london-tree-map) and the Tree Talk map (www.treetalk.co.uk/map) record the Foxglove-tree as an Indian Bean Tree too.

So despite it’s showy spring flowers, bigger leaves and distinctive sprays of wood-hard beaky fruit, my tree which is native to China is growing incognito.

I wonder who else has noticed it’s here? And do they come and visit it too?

A couple of sumptuous Foxglove-tree leaves.

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