24th May 2021 – Top job LB Southwark for #NoMowMay

So this is how the story goes…

In September 2020 I sent this photo to my Ward Councillor, Cllr Catherine Rose, who is also the Environment lead for Southwark Council. It shows what a triangle of verge near our house looked like after after Southwark contractors mowed it in August 2020.

August 2020

I said I thought it was being poorly managed and asked to be able to ‘adopt’ this patch. I said I would use Plantlife guidance on how to manage it for wildflowers which would help contribute to Southwark’s biodiversity targets.

A week later I followed up with my Councillor as I’d had no reply.

Two weeks later I followed up with her again and made a complaint to the Council.

While I had assumed the answer on the adoption would be ‘no’, in October I did have a positive exchange of emails with one of the Waste and Cleaning Team managers (let’s call him Carl). Carl seemed supportive but admitted he didn’t have the authority needed to hand the verge over to me.

Fast forward seven months to #NoMowMay 2021 and, whether by accident or design, the patch of verge hasn’t been mowed and is a riot of wild flowers. I like the idea that somewhere behind the scenes, Carl has been quietly taking action. In celebration I couldn’t resist making a little sign listing what has flowered.

Top job Southwark! And it’s so nice to be able to big up my Council. Would still be nice to hear from Cllr Rose though…

May 2021


  1. Maggie Jennings · · Reply

    Great. Well done to adopt a -now-verdant corner. The lust if flowers/plants is a brilliant idea too.

    1. Amanda Tuke · · Reply

      Thanks Maggie 🙂

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