29th June 2021 – “Tree Wheat” in Cardiff

I have time for a couple of hours of pavement plant hunting before I catch my train back from Cardiff to Paddington.

Common Limes line the west side of the Taff Embankment and many of them have a mini-ecosystem of lichens, mosses, ferns and other plants thriving on the river-facing side of the main trunk. One has tufts of a Polypody fern, and further on I find one with a spike of wheat growing out of its rotting branch callus. It’s not easy to be absolutely sure it’s wheat from down here, but there’s more growing on the pavement edge below, so I’m fairly confident.

Pavement wheat

Taking a circuitous route round Cardiff Central station, I find a lovely patch of Umbrella Liverwort – female, Lesser Swine Cress, some attractive Maidenhair Spleenwort, Scarlet Pimpernel, Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Soft Brome and Barren Brome. There’s a grass I’m not entirely sure of but I think it’s Water Bent. I’m sure someone will be able to tell me.

Umbrella Liverwort
Water Bent – possibly

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