19th July 2021 – gorging on the birdiest of all birds

A male Kingfisher is sitting on a fence post, preening in the early morning sun, until something in the water below catches his attention. After bobbing his head a couple of times, he slices through the lake surface and emerges with a silvery prize.

A squadron of Swifts skim across the water’s surface, calculating their sipping flight-path with jaw-dropping accuracy. It’s these I was hoping to see this morning – the Kingfisher was an unexpected bonus. I’m conscious I need to gorge on Swifts before they disappear south in the next few weeks, and I watch them for a while, enjoying the sky-bossing antics of the absolutely birdiest of all birds. 

I managed to get myself out early this morning to South Norwood Country Park, one of the best spots for blue therapy in south London.


  1. I absolutely LOVE kingfishers! I adore swifts too, and am lucky enough to see and hear them almost daily in the skies above my balcony.

    1. Amanda Tuke · · Reply

      Me too Kayleigh… 🙂

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