10th August 2021 – a therapeutic find on Bramley Bank, Croydon

Having finally emerged from the dark hole of coronavirus, I dragged myself out to the little patch of acid grassland on Bramley Bank. I didn’t have much energy for serious botanising so was even more delighted to find a patch of tiny Birdsfoot (Ornithopus perpusillus). BSBI atlas records suggest it hasn’t been recorded here in the last twenty years. Nice.


  1. Very sorry to hear you have had COVID. Do take care of yourself and I hope the botanising helps a speedy recovery. best wishes Philip

    1. Amanda Tuke · · Reply

      Thanks Philip šŸ™‚ Just thankful to be out the other side and horrified by the thought of how we might have been affected if we hadn’t been jabbed.

      1. Gosh, and you were vaccinated! best wishes.

  2. What a beautiful flower! Just lovely. Thank you for sharing and I hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Amanda Tuke · · Reply

      Thanks Kayleigh šŸ™‚

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