Will they ever learn?

Three parakeets eating crab apples. Peck, spit, peck, spit. Maybe this bit will be nicer? Or this bit? Or even this bit? Or perhaps this one? Or that one? Or the one over there? Now look you lot. They’re sour goddammit. They’re always going to be sour. GIVE. IT. UP.


  1. Sheila Northover · · Reply

    Yes, they have been doing the same with the rowan berries on my tree since they first started going red. Very annoying, as if the berries are left until they are properly ripe the Redwings love them. I think thePparakeets must either be birds of very little brain or super optimists!

    1. Amanda Tuke · · Reply

      🙂 Yes you do have to wonder about the size of their brains don’t you

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