I’m a nature and travel writer based in the wilds of suburban South London. My book agent is Tom Drake-Lee, DHH Literary Agency, 23-27 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ

Amanda Tuke H&S

I write about nature, nature people and the impact of nature on our emotional wellbeing, and nature-watching in London and while travelling in the British Isles. 

Much of this blog is about the suburban nature and wildlife I enjoy in Greater London but I also post about urban and suburban nature watching in other cities and towns across England and the impact of climate change on the natural world.  I regularly visit and write about the West Country where I have family connections.

I’m passionate about widening the participation in and audience for nature-writing, writing in an accessible way to encourage everyone to have a connection with nature.

I’m inspired by a huge number of different writers including the nature writing of Amy-Jane Beer, Miriam Darlington, Stephen Moss and the late Roger Deakin.

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  1. Great stuff thank you

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