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Thirty-minute birder series: Run Birding

There has to be a way of squeezing in more birding when you’ve not got much time, and, oh yes, there is, but it won’t suit everyone. This article for lovely Bird Watching Magazine was a great excuse to grill my friend Sharon and others on how they combine running with their birdwatching and to […]

Thirty-minute birder series: Man’s best friend, but not a bird’s…

This was probably the most tricky article I’ve written, closely followed by one about rare plant reintroductions. Both controversial topics and in both cases you know that most people will think you didn’t go far enough in one direction or the other. On the other hand I did meet some lovely people as I often […]

Thirty-minute birder series: Pedal power – Bird Watching Magazine

I’m always on the look out for ways of tricking myself into getting more exercise so birding by bike is the obvious solution to adding to #My200BirdYear in the May 2022 issue.

#ThumbnailNature – Oh Alexanders!

While I’m fond of you, frankly my dear Alexanders, you smell terrible. Spring has brought your tiny stinky sulphur flowers with lavish curls & deely bopper stamens. An aphid languidly waves antennae under my scrutiny, lumbers through the flowering umbel & then plays peekaboo behind the juicy trunk of a stem.

#ThumbnailNature – Someone’s been busy in the pond…

I heard a splash, my daughter says, as she opens the backdoor. There’s a sumptuous heap of spawn in the middle of our pond. Now why have I just started thinking about bubble tea, I say, and she makes an ugghhh face, but leaves with a smile. Little things.

Thirty-minute birder series: Take the Aire – Bird Watching Magazine

Visiting the university was a great opportunity to squeeze in some birdwatching in Leeds, and thanks to the generosity of some local birders, in particular Abi and Hep aka The Considerate Birders, I had a great time.

Thirty-minute birder series: Car park birding – Bird Watching Magazine

So I was wondering if nature-writing noir is a thing? The perfect marriage between my two favourite genres of creative writing. Writing this article about enjoying birds in car parks was the perfect opportunity to dip in a toe – as let’s face it, you know something bad’s going to happen in a thriller when […]

Parasitic plants – BBC Countryfile Magazine

I’m delighted to have a feature on parasitic plants Vampires in the meadow in BBC Countryfile Magazine, February 2022 issue, which is flagged on the front cover under the Green Planet banner.

Thirty-minute-birder series: Holiday romance – BIRD WATCHING MAGAZINE

In which I squeeze in some birdwatching on a family holiday and chat to impressive teenage birder, Zach Pannifer, about gull identification…

So what do nature writers when they’re taking time off?

If you thought this was going to be the results from an extensive survey of nature writers, I’m sorry but I’m going to disappoint you. Starting today with a solstice celebration, I’m looking forward to putting my pen down, or rather keyboard away, for a week. So what do nature writers do when they’re not […]