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15th February 2021 – an addition to my suburban garden bird-list

I blame Stephen Moss – writer, birder and all round nice guy – for getting me started on compiling a garden bird-list. After reading his latest garden bird in the Somerset Levels, I sat down with a cuppa one morning to remember everything we’d ever seen in our five by six metre suburban back garden […]

23rd November 2019 – Back garden blog – texture

Our back garden is all about texture at this time of year. Stripped of a season’s green frivolity, its skin is revealed. In one corner sprawls a youthful crab apple.  The bark still gleams in patches but shallow splits are forming down the main trunk. The brittle curling edges of each split are dusted with […]

18th October 2019 – Back garden blog – tapping

It has been relentlessly wet almost since the start of October. Over the last few days at home, I have been distracted at intervals by the sound of gentle tapping at different windows.  This afternoon, a blue tit and then a dunnock sat on the windowsill at the upstairs window less than a metre from […]

29th September 2019 – Back garden blog – up to no good

I’m distracted from writing by a disturbance in the garden and suspect there’s something going on when I see two jays perched on the fence.  Jays do visit but don’t usually hang around very long. These two are clearly up to no good. Watching jays, it’s easy to believe that birds evolved from meat-eating dinosaurs. […]