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25th October 2020 – Sun and Spiked Sedge

I’m itching for a botanical adventure this morning and set off for Bushy Park in far distant west London. My mission is simple; to soak up some sun and look for rushes and sedges. Like Richmond Park, Bushy Park is home to free-roaming deer, but as soon as I’m through the entrance I sense they […]

11th October 2020 – Rutting deer and fruiting rushes

I’m hiding behind an ancient oak tree. It’s all gone very quiet. Then I hear a low grunt and when I peek round, five metres away on the other side of the trunk a red deer stag is carefully lowering himself into the bracken. He sits gasping for breath in the October sun. A few […]

4th October 2020 – a very suburban affair

The leaves haven’t really changed yet but this avenue of poplars is lit gold in the midday sun. A tram flashes past on the park boundary head of me, which triggers a feeling that I’m truanting. Clutching onto summer, my current policy is to stop working whenever the sun comes out and to get outside […]

27th September 2020 – autumn colour in unexpected places

It certainly feels like autumn today even if the leaves haven’t really turned yet. In a few weeks I expect social media channels will be wallpapered with photos of autumn trees and vibrant fungi. In the meantime, there is autumn colour to be found today in an unexpected place. A Smooth Sowthistle plant on our […]

20th September 2020 – a ferny thing happened

There are few plants in flower in the woods this morning apart from Ivy. I find some Wood Sedge alongside the rail bed which still have fruits so spend a bit of time getting some clearer photos than I’ve managed earlier in the year. I wander down the railway track to the old tunnel mouth […]

13th September 2020 – Hello there!

On one boundary of Dulwich Wood is a Cherry Laurel hedge separating it from a quiet cul-de-sac and on the outside of the hedge is a strip of grass verge. At the edge of this verge a tiny yellow flower has appeared this week. I’m pretty sure this is Trailing St John’s-wort Hypericum humifusum which […]

6th September 2002 – How galling…

Each year it feels like the oaks are slow to get growing but then everything speeds up. Leaf growth, herbivores, predation all ramp up throughout the growing season until by the start of September the leaves are looking tired and in some cases well galled. These Cherry Galls, the work of a wasp Cynips quercusfolii, […]

28th August 2020 – a bitter bouquet

The scramble of Traveller’s Joy, Brambles and Hop plants is getting a bit out of hand. In the chill air after a downpour I stay a while to remember the things I’ve seen in this clearing this year so far in a wave of nostalgia. I’ve been keeping an eye out for some Hop flowers […]

23rd August 2020 – there’s a sprite in the garden…

I’m not sure what it is that makes me look up from the laptop and out the front window but when I do I see a blurry movement which immediately catches my attention. There’s something pinging around out there around the frothy Red Valerian flower spikes. A sprite like this one has visited us at […]

16th August 2020 – crimson tufts of lesser burdock

In the past I’ve come across the cabbage-sized leaves of Greater or Lesser Burdock each spring and had a complete blank about what they are. It hasn’t helped that this is a biennial plant which grows just a leaf rosette the first year and then flowers the second year. Next year is going to be […]