12th July 2021 – It’s sooo sticky…

I’m just back from a week in Wales and the excitement of seeing unfamiliar plants was almost too much to bear.

On a pavement plant walk around the fishing town of New Quay (no, not that one!), I found this Rock Sea-spurrey with gorgeous pink flowers and unbelievable sticky glandular hairs which meant the whole plant was coated in grains of sand.

Rock Sea-spurrey

While I was photographing some Navelwort (TL) growing out of the sea wall, a runner stopped to ask me if I’d found something special and she seemed as taken with this funky little plant as I was. On nearby pavements and walls were Sea Mayweed (TR), Rock Samphire (BR) and Common Scurvygrass (BL), all coastal specialists.

A couple of days later I joined a group including fab birder and author Stephen Moss on a trip to RSPB Ynys Hir in the temperate rainforest of central west Wales. Combining birding and botanising can be a challenge and predictably I got left behind when I was distracted by another Navelwort (TL), Yellow Pimpernel (TR) as well as Common Cow-wheat (BR) and Bulbous Rush (BL) and the leaves of Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage and Wood Sorrel.

I just managed to catch up with the birders in time to see a Dipper flying up and down the river, a family of Grey Wagtails catching flies over the water and to get fantastic views of a pair of Redstarts visiting their nest in a tree hole.


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